Absolut: Born to Mix
During the summer of 2022, Absolut approached our team with the task of creating animated text over their existing footage to celebrate The World of Absolut Cocktails. We developed flashy and dynamic spots tailored specifically for the North American and UK markets, each designed to work seamlessly across multiple aspect ratios.
My role covered style ideation, type layout, and animation, ensuring a cohesive brand look and engaging final product across all platforms.
Studio: Sarofsky
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Creative Lead: Stefan Draht
2D Designer: Daniel Geiszler
Producer: Joel Signer
The Process
To capture the vibrant and lively atmosphere of a cocktail party, we utilized outlined bottles and text to create a pulsating effect, drawing attention to the characters within their respective scenes.
Consistent type animation was key to our approach, which we seamlessly integrated using Absolut's branded colors. Additionally, featuring the iconic Absolut bottle, we added a pulsing effect covering the screen to showcase the specific vodka used in each of the mixed drinks.
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