Hi, I'm Daniel Geiszler.
I'm glad you made it here. As someone who's always designing and creating things, I'm excited that you're interested in the work that I'm making! I've been blessed to have so many awesome opportunities and projects to work on, and I'm looking forward to all of the ones that are yet to come.
I spent my childhood pursuing theatre and music and had a pretty lively and outgoing personality. Throughout high school, my passion for creativity spread from a stage to a computer when I started taking graphic design courses and I quickly fell in love with a new form of creative communication through bold design and the ability to make things move. I'm drawn to branding, motion design, and photography, and love to use these skills in tandem to create fully-developed products, advertisements, and brands.
Other than staring at my computer screen, I like to balance out my schedule with hobbies like rock climbing, cooking and baking, going on runs, and playing a couple intense rounds of card games with friends. If you've read this far, you might as well join the next game night!
Thanks for stopping by!​​​​​​​
Who I've worked with:
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