I had the privilege of collaborating with Dacor, one of Tractorbeam's esteemed retainer clients, on both a series of print advertisements and marketing materials, and a Times Square billboard spot. I used my knowledge of typographic hierarchy to create work that not only conveyed Dacor's signature blend of simplicity and luxury but also resonated with their target audience.
Additionally, I worked with the creative leads conceptualizing storyboards for Dacor's Times Square advertisement campaign, ensuring every frame encapsulated the essence of their brand. One of the highlights of this collaboration was creating the ending logo animation for the sequence, adding a dynamic touch to their visual narrative. This project was a fun task of designing with simplicity and allowed me to contribute to the success of a renowned brand in a dynamic advertising landscape.​​​​​​​
Studio: Tractorbeam
Executive Creative Director: Matt George
Creative Leads: Chase Kahn, John Reynolds
Designers: Daniel Geiszler, Audrey Hancock
Producer: Dana Agostino

Times Square Billboard
Working alongside creative leads,  we developed storyboards for the 20-second Dacor Times Square billboard ad, aiming to spotlight their luxury appliance features and NYC showroom. Each frame seamlessly blends sophistication with the vibrant energy of Times Square, showcasing Dacor's sleek designs. 
After refining our storyboard, I focused on creating the final logo animation that would reflect the cutting-edge aesthetic of the Dacor brand. Our collaborative effort resulted in a captivating advertisement poised to captivate Times Square audiences and elevate Dacor's presence in the heart of New York City.
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