I had the privilege to develop the logo and type system for the Netflix hit show, "BEEF", creating a series of title cards that felt disruptive, to interrupt the flow of the cold open from each episode. Each of the title treatments is set over a painting by David Choe that signifies a mood pairing with each episode title. Heavily inspired by 90’s album covers and magazines such as Ray Gun, the treatments are meant to feel like artwork you can print on a shirt or make a cool poster you would want to frame and hang on your wall.
Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Creative Lead: Duarte Elvas
Designers: Daniel Geiszler, Tony Agliata
Producer: Kelsey Hynes

For the logotype and the show credits, we developed a customized version of Balboa, a clean grotesque that is quick to read and has the right impact that the production team was looking for.
The episode titles are set in Degular which, as a less condensed sans serif, pairs well with Balboa and its simplicity doesn’t take attention away from the paintings.
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